Breast Massage Guide And Benefits

Breast Massage

Adding breast massage to your self-care routine provides many benefits. Initially, you may notice an increase of tenderness. Then, you’ll notice they feel a little more firm. These signs let you know that the toxins are draining out of your muscles and milk ducts.

Basic Steps For A Breast Massage

Warming Up For a Breast Massage

Before you begin your breast massage, use a little bit of massage oil on your breasts. Baby oil also works well as a moisturizing lubricant. Rub it in a circular motion outwards to warm them up a little. Use about as much pressure as you would to rub your eyelid.

Breast Massage Step 1
Step 1

Getting The Blood Circulating

Start by using your finger tips to stroke your breast from the nipple to the edge. Continues this pattern until you’ve gone around your breast completely and warmed them up. Never, under any circumstance skip this step when you massage your breasts.

Breast Massage Step 2
Step 2

Loosening Up The Muscles

Pick up a breast in each hand with your thumb above the nipple, and your four fingers below. Gently knead them alternately clockwise and counterclockwise.

Breast Massage Step 3
Step 3

Cooling The Breasts Down

Finish your massage by using your finger tips to stroke from your nipple to the edge again. This cool down allows all the fluids to escape your breasts and lymph vessels.

Breast Massage Step 4
Step 4

Tips For A Great Breast Massage

  1. Drink lots and lots of water before and after your massage to allow the fluids to drain. By staying hydrated you avoid a lot of other problems too.
  2. Your first breast massage may hurt. A lot! Use the minimal pressure you can to avoid severe discomfort.


    • It generally takes me about five minutes per breast to complete the entire process. Then I take a couple more minutes afterward to give myself a self-check. I started doing this religiously after I found a lump in 2018, and I highly recommend it at least once a week.

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