Shaving Your Legs

I read once that┬áno two girls share the same shaving experience; I disagree. Since 1999, I’ve collected a few ideas┬áthat seem to hold true for everyone, and make shaving such a more pleasant experience.

Woman Shaving Legs

First of all, before you even think of touching a razor to skin, take a nice warm shower where you can allow the steam and warm water to soften your body hair. Exfoliate with a moisturizing scrub and loofah to remove all the dead cells that would otherwise clog your razor and cause nasty pulling.

Prepare you skin with shaving gel or conditioner to ensure lube your skin against the scrape of the blades.

When you actually put razor to leg, take short, gentle strokes. Make sure you go all the way from the top of your foot to your bikini line, and completely around the circumference of your legs.

Once you’ve finished shaving entirely, rinse your legs off in cool water and pat them dry. Immediately apply moisturizing lotion with SPF to protect your legs from getting dry and irritated.