Fitness Goals Update – Eight Weeks

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I can run faster, my waist continues shrinking, and my body fat percentage looks like an athlete. For some reason this still feels like quite a distance off of my fitness goals. I feel little to know concern for my weight, but I want to try and get my waist smaller, while I make my […]

Secrets To Becoming A World Traveler

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Before You Become A World Traveler If you want to become a world traveler, you need to finish a few basic things before you book your first trip. Start by getting your passport book. You should note that this process takes anywhere from four to six weeks and costs around $135 for first time applicants. […]

Sweet n’Spicy Wing Sauce – Saucy Wings!

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Sometime after our wedding, I made this wing sauce as an experiment for a family gathering. At the time, no one really seemed impressed. However, I stored all the leftovers in the fridge overnight. The next day, my wife and I went to eat some leftovers, and discovered that the sauce had changed. After heating […]

Jasmine’s Handmaiden: My First Published Short Story!

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I take great pleasure and a little giddy delight in announcing the public release of Jasmine’s Handmaiden. This short story represents both my love of writing, and my infatuation with certain romantic endeavors. By no means will I stop trying to improve my craft, but I do hope you enjoy reading my work! If you […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful Family

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Happy Thanksgiving! My occupation seems to continually insist on taking me far from home during all family holidays. However, I still feel the close support my wife offers me every day in her letters and little quirks. After the pattern set in my Halloween diary, I feel like sharing a few memories and hopes for […]

Loving Your Body Enough To Take Care Of It

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Loving your body seems like the most difficult concept in the world for most women to understand. Granted, with so much negative influence from television, magazines, and other women, you understand why. Many women complain about how they feel fat, or their butt looks to big, or their breasts seem to small. Then, on January […]

Waxing Pros and Cons – Why People Do It!

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When you look at the waxing pros and cons it looks pretty annoying. This painful process involved paying someone to slather hot wax all over your body. Then, you get to grimace as they rip giant chunks of your hair out of your skin over and over. Finally, You glance down at your hairless but […]

Truly Deviled Eggs – A Fun Twist!

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I love deviled eggs! Every holiday season, I’ll boil a dozen or so for every party. Someone gave me the idea once to switch the egg whites and the yolks. At first I thought they were kidding me, but then I tried it, and it was so much fun! Deviled Eggs The recipe for deviled […]

Practice Developing Talents – Get Passionate About Something!

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My mother taught me that to feel good about my work I needed to practice developing talents. It really only matters that you practice something. If you enjoy music, practice an instrument until you master it. For those who enjoy drawing, start with a coloring book, then a sketch pad, and learn practice drawing. When […]

Developing Fitness Goals

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Developing fitness goals for yourself means you know what you want at the end. You can usually pick someone to model and figure out a plan from there. My Personal Fitness Goals I want an hourglass figure. Knowing that, I simply take where I am, and compare it to what I want. Today, I have […]

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