Sugaring – Cleopatra’s Waxing Alternative

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Sugaring, or removing body hair with caramelized sugar goes back centuries! Some say the art goes all the way back to Cleopatra. Whenever it started, sugaring definitely takes a different view on hair removal. Waxing your skin requires you spread sticky hot stuff all over your skin, and rip it off like a Band-Aid. However, […]

Raspberry Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe

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Watching cupcake wars with my wife inspired me to create and write my own raspberry red velvet cupcake recipe. I began with a basic cupcake recipe, however you can find that literally anywhere online. You can tweak it with little things to make it pop, but nothing really spoke to me. After attacking Google, I […]

Bra Sizing Correctly – How To Measure

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Bra sizing seems like such a complicated ordeal! Measure your bust, then your band, and subtract your band from your bust… Supposedly that makes me a 40E! Some days I wish, but that wouldn’t even come close to fitting me. However, if I measure each breast individually the results actually come out to 36B (38A). […]

Columbus Discovered America – And Other Fun Myths

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Columbus Discovered America If Columbus discovered America then the European countries would not have had to eliminate any locals. However, the Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French all fought and killed to gain a foothold. So you might wonder who exactly discovered America. I refuse to lie and pretend I know who or when. Several hundred […]

Green Enchilada Sauce – New Mexican

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Green enchilada sauce works for so many different recipes! I use it for chicken enchiladas, chip dip, taco sauce, and chicken burrito filler. However, the uses of this versatile ingredient literally only depend on your imagination. My first exposure to this sauce came when my dad took cattle to Hatch, New Mexico. He brought home […]

Personal Fitness – Avoid Waiting Until January

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Personal fitness seems to take the back burner Between October and January 1st. For some reason, dressing up and getting candy seems to start a trend that lasts until New Year. I refuse to let that happen to me. For my personal motivation, I like to write about my passions. So I will start writing […]

Indian Fry Bread – Sopapias – A Versatile Treat

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Whether you call this Indian Fry Bread for Navajo Tacos, or Sopapias as a desert, the recipe remains the same. For Navajo Tacos you simply add browned ground beef, beans, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. However, if you forsake that, and just pour honey and/or powdered sugar inside it makes a delicious desert. […]

Be An Amazing Lover Without Changing Who You Are

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I read an article once about what men considered an amazing lover to be; and it disgusted me. The article seemed to tell women to get attention by dressing and acting like sluts. However, the type of attention that draws hardly qualifies as worthwhile. If you want attention, try a different approach, like learning what […]