Feminine Qualities – Busting Stereotypes

I love reading, and recently read a tale that irritated me a little about the stereotypes on feminine qualities.

“Have you ever noticed… how women with a strong maternal instinct tend to lose other aspects of their personalities upon having a child? Either from within herself or from without, I truly know not which, she appears to feel some kind of threat against her very right to be a mother, should she engage in any activity perceived as [non-maternal]. She forgoes opportunities for professional advancement and denies her sexuality, dressing herself primly, sometimes even matching her own clothing to that of her children. Eventually opportunities that are sexual or professional diminish, and she becomes one dimensional and dull to anyone out of diapers.”

“Then, of course, there is the woman who chooses the professional lifestyle. Her peers are not as tolerant as those of the mother. She is in dangerous territory and cannot yield to the less sophisticated of her natural tendencies, lest she be deemed “unprofessional” and lose all that she has worked so hard for. She must be very careful how she presents herself and how she behaves. If she has children, she seems constantly weighed down by guilt, for to remain successful in her career it is necessary to overcome those maternal instincts that might be considered weak and unprofessional by her contemporaries.”

Perspective on Feminine Qualities

By no means should you ever consider me a feminist. The activists that believe women should always stand equal to men seem stupid and near sighted. A woman, with her natural abilities and strengths never need settle for a man’s place. In other words, stop shooting at the trees and aim for the stars. But back to my original point.

Acting like a classy lady hardly requires that you give up everything that defines your personality. I often find solace in taking my handgun to the range, and putting any guy next to me to shame. It seems especially fun when he brought a date with him, she usually ends up watching me instead. When my car needs service, I prefer to Google it and try it on my own. If I can drive it, then I should full well know how to fix it.

Likewise, for dinner you have the ability and the right to dress up as much as you like. Use every bit of your charm and enjoy the admiration of so many people around you. That hardly means go on a date for the sole purpose of making your partner jealous. Just remind them why they should treat you well.

Your gender literally only defines your reproductive system and hormone levels. Everything else depends on you.

Spoon Body Type- How to Dress for Your Shape

Spoon Body Type

With a spoon body type you tend to gain weight in your tummy more quickly than any other part. Love-handles frequently adorn your hips, and you can sometimes have a shelf appearance. You have great arms and lower legs. To accentuate your best features, you need to draw attention to your upper torso. Try to avoid emphasizing your tummy while showing off your curves. Mini-skirts belong in your wardrobe!

Tops for a Spoon Body Type

From the top, you want to accentuate your waist, minimize your tummy, and draw attention upwards. Try tops with an empire waist and a V-neck. You could also use a top that skims your midsection, and shows off your shoulders. Embellishments or pretty designs around your bust help balance your upper body as well.

Shopping for tops:

  • Try and find tops that accentuate you waist, but fit loosely over your hips.
  • Use a bow or banded waist to draw attention from your tummy.
  • Show off your bust with embellishments, layered material, or other pretty designs.
  • Babydoll cut tops work perfectly for your body type.
  • With nipped in waists, make sure the seam is high so that it doesn’t show off your tummy.
  • Fitted jackets that have a wider collar, nip in at the waist, and then flow away from the body work perfectly.

Bottoms for a Spoon Body Type

Since you want to minimize your lower half, definitely avoid highly decorated or flap pockets. Also keep in mind that miniskirts were designed with you in mind. Try not to get pants that flare up even a little, show off your legs instead. Wear darker pants and skirts with solid colors. Choosing wide waistbands will also help you avoid showing your tummy off.

Shopping for Bottoms:

  • Straight or pencil skirts look great on you, especially with a well balanced top.
  • Avoid skirts that show off your hips with embellishments or other decorative features.
  • Buy bottoms that hang from your hips, without adding volume to them.
  • Stick to darker colors with no pockets.
  • Relaxed fit jeans look great on you, and they feel pretty good.

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Pancake House Pancakes – My First Breakfast

Pancake House Pancakes

Pancake house pancakes originated far away from a pancake house. In Neolithic times, our ancestors combined ground wheat with birds eggs and goats milk. They could pour the resulting batter on a hot rock to cook it, and enjoy a tasty cake. Of course, as more refined methods surfaced, the modern pancake slowly surfaced.

My Pancake House Pancakes

You can, and many pancake houses do, purchase ready to pour batter, or premixed powders. However, nothing quite beats hand mixed ingredients. Growing up, I used to watch my mom pour wheat into a grinder to make flour; then she sift the ingredients together with care. She would hand mix everything and pour it straight from the bowl onto the griddle. Despite their name, I strongly doubt my mom’s pancakes will ever see the inside of a diner.

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Pancake House Pancakes
My mom used to make these for me, and they were the first non-egg breakfast I learned how to cook form scratch. I've been perfecting them ever since!
Pancake House Pancakes
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Greek
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Dry Ingredients
Wet Ingredients
Course Breakfast
Cuisine Greek
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Dry Ingredients
Wet Ingredients
Pancake House Pancakes
Mixing the Ingredients
  1. You can either use a sifter to mix the dry ingredients together like a professional cook, or you can be like me and whisk them together in a bowl. Either way works, I just like whisking 😛
  2. In a separate bowl, combine the milk, butter and eggs and beat them until they completely blend together. It makes a pretty shade of yellow.
  3. Pour the wet stuff over the dry stuff and use a spatula to make sure you get EVERYTHING mixed together into a syrupy consistency.
Cooking the Pancakes
  1. Heat the griddle to about 350 ºF (175 ºC), and let it heat ALL the way! If you don't the pancakes will be gooey in the middle, and not in a good way.
  2. Gently pour about a fourth a cup of mixture onto the griddle in little puddles. I get anywhere from six to eight, depending on how hot the griddle is.
  3. As soon as you see tiny bubbles on the cooking batter, use a spatula to flip them.
  4. As soon as the pancakes stop steaming so much, they're done! Put them on a plate with your favorite toppings and enjoy! 😀
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Pear Body Type – How to Dress for Your Shape

Pear Body Type

A pear body type refers to girls with larger hips and a nicely defined waist, with a more slender torso. If that sounds like you, then show off your waist! To balance out your great butt and well defined waist with your upper body, you need to emphasize it.

Tops For Your Pear Body Type

Since you want to enhance your upper body while showing off your waist, start by looking for fitted tops. Draw attention upwards with V or U neck collars. Try to find tops that have princess sleeves, as well as designs and material around your bust and shoulders. Lastly, look for brighter colors with bold patterns.

Shopping tips for tops:

  • Draw attention upward with collars that show your neck well.
  • Emphasize your waist with fitted or nipped tops.
  • Enhance your bust with a padded bra.
  • Try to buy shirts with structured shoulders and a wide neckline.
  • Emphasize your bust and add volume with fancy stitching and dramatic sleeves.
  • Also look for darted waists.
  • Avoid jackets with lower pockets.

Bottoms For Your Pear Body Type

While you have a great butt, you want to minimize it to balance out your top. To do this, you want to use lightly gathered skirts that avoid adding volume. A-line skirts also work well for this. Try getting pants with plain pockets and legs that fall straight from the widest part of your hips. For your bottoms, you want to stick to darker neutral colors with clean lines and simple stitching.

Bottom tips:

  • Try and lightly gathered or A-line skirts that de-emphasize your great butt.
  • Avoid excessive pockets, and pockets with attention grabbing stitching.
  • Look for darker neutral colors for both skirts and pants.
  • Wear pants that fall freely from the widest part of your waist.

As always, if you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below. If you would like to reach me directly, you can send an email to dawn@dawnforever.com.

Treating Sunburn – An Unexpected Way!


I recently learned a strange method of treating sunburn. During one of my recent contracts, my employer took me to Mahé Seychelles, just off the coast of Africa. His reason for visiting included volunteering to help renovate a rehabilitation center. However, philanthropy aside, when I wasn’t protecting him I spent some wonderful hours on the beach. While we were painting, one of the patients notices I was limping a little from my sun exposure. He pulled me aside and gave me some instructions.

Treating Sunburn With Coconut Water

First, he told me to take two coconuts and chop the tops off to get to the water inside. Then, he told me to pour the water into a small glass. He explained that I needed to hold the coconut water against my burned skin for three minutes. Then he told me everything would feel good as new!

Leave it to me to Google it as soon as we returned to our Villa. I couldn’t find anything about coconut water! I wish I could say that went out and picked a couple right off the tree. Alas I opted for Aloe Vera instead. I carry a small jar of pure aloe extract for just such occasions (a girl never learns). I applied to cool salve to my burns and in about three days I felt good as new.

A part of me will now always wonder what would happened if I tried pure coconut water next time. But in this case a tried and true remedy worked quickly enough. Oh well, I’ll just have to try laying out on the beach next time I’m in a tropical paradise!

Just of the record, the best method of treating sunburn is SPF 50 every hour you’re in the sun. Since that seems hard to remember, do you know any other natural remedies for sunburn? Please let me know in the comments below. If you’d like to contact me directly, you can email dawn@dawnforever.com.

Straight Body Type – How to Dress for Your Shape

Straight Body Type

Dressing stylishly when you have a straight body type requires less effort than you think. Close to forty-five percent of women fall into this category. To look stunning, focus on balancing your upper torso and hips, while enhancing waist curves. If you feel really brave, you can also wear a form fitting dress with a thick contrasting belt.

Tops for a Straight Body Type

You want to draw attention to your chest as much as possible. Drawing attention to your neck with a V or U shaped collar works well for this. Another option involves decorating your chest with embellishments or layers around your bust. Since you want to accentuate your waist, try to find tops that tighten around your waist, or wear a belt.

These tips might help when you go shopping for tops:

  • Wear a padded bra to enhance your natural bust.
  • Try to buy tops that feature a belted waist with a full look around your bust and hips.
  • Look for tops that draw attention to your neck and shoulders.
  • Use a flowing top with a banded waist to create an hourglass illusion.
  • Any top that adds volume to your bust, and fits snug on your waist works.
  • Flutter or Princess sleeves also give you a dramatic look.
  • Embellishments around your bust and shoulders with a fitted waist enhances your natural curves.
  • Padded shoulders in your jacket with a nipped in waist and a flared bottom helps too.

Bottoms for a Straight Body Type

To exaggerate your curves, look for bottoms that accentuate your hips. Details like loose pockets on jeans, or wearing cargo pants help to exactly that. You can also wear pants with flared legs, bubble skirts, or low-rise jeans. All of these help create an illusion of wider hips and a smaller waist.

Tips for picking out bottoms for a straight body type:

  • Add curves to your hips with wide waist pants that have slightly flared legs.
  • Wear pants with pockets that have a flap, or even cargo pockets.
  • Make sure your pants come with a low-cut waist.
  • Use bubble skits, tiered skirts, or full flowing skirts.
  • Make certain you balance your torso with equal attention so that you create an hourglass figure.

If you have any questions or comments on straight body types, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. If you want to contact me directly you can email dawn@dawnforever.com.

Ballerina Bun, A Bun From A Sock

Ballerina Bun

A ballerina bun, also known as a sock bun, looks extremely professional without a lot of fuss. Librarians, Marines, and business executives all use the ballerina bun because of how easily they can make it. I read several tutorials and articles about it, however, they seem to want you to take a lot of steps.

To begin the ballerina bun, cut about one inch off the toe of your sock, making a long hollow tube. Begin at the cut end, and roll the sock outward until you use the entire sock. Now, take its mate and cut the toe off of it as well. Thread it through the donut you made with the first sock and roll it into the donut until you roll it entirely.

Fixing Your Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun Step 1

Step 1

Ballerina Bun Step 2

Step 2

Ballerina Bun Step 3

Step 3

Ballerina Bun Step 4

Step 4

Step 1. Take your sock donut and pull your hair through in a high ponytail. Take care to pull your hair through the same direction your rolled your sock. Also, make certain the sock donut rests completely against your head.

Step 2. Spread your hair out evenly over the sock donut, completely covering it all the way around. This may take some effort; however, my trick lies in pulling my ponytail straight up while I look downward and letting it fall naturally. That usually leaved a pretty balanced spread.

Step 3. Collect the hair resting against your head, and twist it under the sock donut in a clockwise motion. Pull your hair tight as you twist so that it naturally tightens the bun against your head. Also consider using a couple of bobby pins on either side, pointing diagonally inward, This helps secure the hair holding the bun together.

Step 4. Finish by checking for loose hairs (flyaways), and using your fingers to fix any uneven hair twisted under your bun. At this point, some girls use hairspray or gel, but I prefer natural hair.

You can get more creative and actually do things like braid your extra hair and secure it to the outside of the bun with bobby pins. I looked around on places like Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, and Google for ideas, and they have plenty. However, I suggest practicing the fundamental bun several times to get the hang of it first.

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Attract Good Men Doing What You Love

attract good men

Many women seem confused about how to attract good men. However, like the law of attraction; if you look for trash, you find exactly that: trash.

Dress to Attract Good Men

Many girls often blow up at their moms, friends, teachers, and even strangers that they can dress how they like. You have the human right to do whatever you want, and that includes how you dress. However, you have no control over how other people perceive your intentions when you dress like a slut.

The word sultry describes how most women want others to see them: attractive, passionate by nature, and fun. A confident woman, dressed to keep their best features accented never needs to show much skin to get attention. However, an insecure girl, will dress in such a way that every one can see everything she lacks. The latter of these two extremes attracts men who like to prey on women, because they perceive them as desperate. The sultry woman discourages such trash, because she looks like she knows exactly what she wants.

Meet Men On Your Terms

Going out to a bar, dressed like tart tells men around you that you want them to hit on you. Maybe you want the opportunity to tell them no, and hey it feels nice having that power sometimes. But if you want to meet a man who shares some of your interests, try meeting them where you like to hang out.

If you like to read, for instance, look around when you go to the library. Sure, you might see some slobs, and other gross people, but that’s no different from the bar scene; except maybe the smell of alcohol, or lack thereof. You might also seem some interesting men who actually came to the library because they like books.

Some girls like going to the gym. I know you notice the men who come there to work out, and watch you to see if you really workout or not. If you seriously enjoy the gym, and you happen to see someone that you find interesting, you have your pick there.

Shopping, dancing, spectating, jogging… the list goes on. I want to impress on you the fact that you can meet a decent guy doing whatever you enjoy. Having something in common right away, sets the groundwork for a friendship that you can use to ignite a wonderful relationship.

If you have any comments or questions on meeting great guys, or even girls, please share in the comments section below. If you’d like to contact me privately, you’re welcome to write me an email (dawn@dawnforever.com).

Body Shape Basics for Dressing Stylishly

Body Shape Basics

If you want to look and feel fantastic, the first step lies in understanding body shape basics. By understanding what you look like, you can pick and choose outfits that flatter your body shape and accentuate your best features.

Determine your Body Shape Basics

Take a sewing tape and carefully measure the fullest part of your bust. Make sure you don’t pull it to tight, or skew the tape. Write down that measurement. (Mine’s 42)

Next, bend at the waist to the side, and note exactly where your body bends. Measure the circumference of your waist, again, carefully avoiding making it to tight, or skewed. Write down that measurement. (36, but I’m working on it)

Finally, measure your hips at the fullest part of your butt. Also carefully avoiding accidentally skewing your results. Write this measurement below the other two and you have the three you need to begin. (I’m 42 there too)

To avoid confusion, here’s a chart to help you figure out your shape… I’ve got a straight shape (or banana if you like fruit).

If your bust and hips pretty much match, but your waist is less than nine inches smaller than your bust, you have a straight body type.
Your bust might also measure slightly smaller than your hips. that means you have an triangle shaped body.
The lucky few women who have nicely sized busts and hips with waists that are nine inches or more smaller, have an hourglass body.
If your bust measures larger than your hips, you sport an inverted triangle body shape.
For a few women, their waist might equal or pass their bust and hips. This means a round body shape.

Yes, you do have the ability to change your shape to fit the look you want. I highly encourage you to always strive to feel good, and that includes making exercise a common part of your day. No matter your shape though, you can look and feel great if you always take honest inventory of where you stand.

I love hearing from you, so any comments or questions you have about body shapes are welcome below. If you’d like to contact me privately, you can certainly shoot me an email (dawn@dawnforever.com).

Feel Happy – Five Tricks I Use to Feel Happy

Feel Happy

The choice to feel happy sometimes seems like a really hard things to do. In thirty years, I’ve collected a few tricks that help my mood, and also feel healthier. I learned my first trick form a friend who told me to stare at ceiling with a big cheesy smile. Once I complied, they asked me to try and feel depressed. I bust into hysterics, and it actually felt pretty good to laugh. Some of the other hacks I know require less physiological knowledge.

Drink Citrus to Feel Happy

I think the smell actually affects some circuit in your brain that makes you feel slightly elated. My morning face wash also has orange essence in it, and I feel energized from the smell of that too. Citrus in general reminds me of the tropics, so I half wonder it that’s why people seem so relaxed there. As a bonus, citrus also contains vitamin C and helps your digestion.

Dress Pretty

Feeling pretty for no reason at all feels pretty incredible. Doing something as simple as applying bright red lipstick can increase your endorphins for no logical reason. Even if you have no place to go, treat yourself to a well deserved dress up date.

Listen to Happy Music

I love listening to something upbeat and happy. The feeling of a good beat with a decent melody and happy lyrics just brightens everything. I have to remind myself sometimes to avoid depressing singers that only think about breaking up. Spotify helps with that, but I prefer my own YouTube playlist.

Eating Raw Nuts

Okay, this one seems like a little nutty. However, the serotonin in raw almonds rocks at both giving you a healthy snack, and curbing your appetite. I know some people prefer cashews, but I feel particular for my almonds. Oh, and avoid sugary or roasted nuts or you will crash later.

Serve Someone Else

It might seem strange if you never try it, but helping someone else with something important to them feel awesome! You can buy them a gift, help with a chore, sit down and listen, offer encouragement, or even just give out a hug. The endorphins you get from serving someone else feel great!

Bonus Feel Happy Trick!

Stand on your head. I know, you might think this one seems ridiculous. However, it’s scientifically proven that if you elevate your heart above your head, you get a burst of oxygen in your brain that feels amazing.

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