Crepes – An Easy Recipe

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I tried my first crepes later in life than I would have liked. My cousin served them at her wedding, and they tasted perfect! Many years later, we decided to serve them at our wedding, and they weren’t homemade. I enjoyed them nonetheless, but it would have really blown it away if I’d known this […]

My Gift Planning For Family And Friends

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A few Christmases ago, someone gave me a great idea for gift planning. So I tried it, I bought something they wanted, something they needed, something for them to wear, and something for them to read. Those four gifts meant more to them because they were tailored to exactly them. And it required almost no […]

Horchata – Sweet Rice Drink

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Horchata comes from Spain. My aunt used to buy it for every major party she threw at her home, or the church, or even the school. You could also find Limondada (a delicious variation on lemonade), or Sangria. The original drink can be made from barley, almonds, sesame seeds, or tigernuts. However, growing up in […]

Fitness Goals Update – Eight Weeks

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I can run faster, my waist continues shrinking, and my body fat percentage looks like an athlete. For some reason this still feels like quite a distance off of my fitness goals. I feel little to know concern for my weight, but I want to try and get my waist smaller, while I make my […]

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