Tucking Demystified

Admittedly, tucking isn’t something I do much anymore. However, I used to feel so much happier when I finally managed to tuck perfectly. This is the single most requested page in my vast writings. Weirdly enough, I don’t know how to feel about that. Hopefully, this provides you some sort of confidence, knowledge, or closure for someone who needs it.

Introduction To Tucking

Tucking consists of precisely what it sounds like; wrapping your penis up, and pulling it back between your legs to present as a woman. A well-crafted tuck allows you to explore feeling feminine however you prefer. Regardless, developing tucking abilities provides a skill for any circumstance.

Creating a Basic Tuck

  1. Shave EVERYTHING!

    This may sound silly, but you need to remove all of your body hair from the neck down! You need to remove your pubic, crotch, and butt hair for sanitary reasons. However, leaving the rest just makes the next steps weird. On a side note, I prefer to wax.

  2. Tuck Your Testicles

    When you were born, your testicles resided deep in your abdomen, just above your inguinal canals. As you began walking, they escaped and fell into your scrotum. However, those canals don’t close up! To begin your tuck, gently ease your testicles back up your inguinal canals into your abdomen. If you feel any pain, STOP! The little pouches don’t hurt, but if you go farther, you can cause a hernia.

  3. Wrap Your Scrotum

    With your testicles safely tucked away, you now have an empty bag of flesh to play with. Gently wrap it around your penis like you would a hot dog or taco. This also begins the natural slit at the base of the top of your penis. The illusion you want starts here.

  4. Complete The Tuck

    Now, carefully pull the penis burrito straight back towards your anus. Then, squeeze your legs together, and your entire should feel securely comfortable. Congratulations! You’ve tucked your package and created a feminine illusion.

  5. Get Dressed!

    At this point, now you just need to pull up your panties to keep everything in place. You have several options for making this work, and I’ve included those below.

Inguinal Illustration

Tucking Tips, Tricks, & Traps


Feminine Pads

By placing a pad in an ordinary pair of panties, you reinforce the crotch, making them better suited for tucking. Additionally, pads absorb moisture exceedingly well, keeping everything dry downstairs.


Panties sewed to match the unique shape of trans-women, called Gaffs, allow you to keep everything in place, without any long-term effects. The ease of removal makes these popular to wear on dates.


Medical Tape

Medical tape presents an interesting alternative to tucking. The adhesive bonds to your skin without tearing at it. Because of this unique feature, you can create an ideal-looking tuck, even naked.

Medical Adhesive

Unlike super glue, medical grade cyanoacrylate tissue adhesive specifically to bonds skin without the side effects of normal glue. Commonly sold as Dermabond, you can use it to create a semi-permanent bond for secure tucking. To remove it, simply massage petroleum jelly into the skin, and peel the adhesive tissue off. I beg you though, NEVER USE SUPER GLUE!



Methyl-2-cyanoacrylate, or super glue, began as a clear plastic for use on guns. Medics tried using it in Vietnam to seal wounds , discovering that it causes acute, chronic skin reactions. As super glue breaks down, it transforms into formaldehyde and other nasty chemicals. In other words, AVOID USING SUPER GLUE AT ALL COSTS!

Gorilla Glue

Thanks to the insane start of 2021, I feel I should add Gorilla Glue to this list. Unlike superglue, gorilla glue forms using polyurethane. Never use Gorilla Glue on your intimate skin.

Duct Tape

I can speak to this one first hand. Duct tape hurts. Many cross-dressers, and even some trans-women swear by this method, but it sucks. Admittedly, it creates extremely smooth curves. However, duct tape constantly tugs on your delicate skin. Eventually, the sensation causes an erection that pulls on your scrotum and literally puts your panties in a twist. In my case, I immediately found a restroom and tried fixing it, only ripping it off more. As it pulled away from my skin, it felt worse than waxing.

Continuing The Tucking Conversation

I’d love to hear your ideas, and tips, tricks, or traps you’ve discovered yourself. Please leave your comment below!


    • When you’re actually doubled over, erections rarely get enough blood to become a problem. If you do find yourself in an uncomfortable position, it simply depends on what you’re willing to endure. Your body is capable of remaining in that same position for a long while, but for the first half-a-dozen times or so, it doesn’t feel very good.

  1. I have tried this tuck a multitude of times with a variety of skin safe adhesives and not one of them has held like it sounds like it should. Am I doing something wrong or just never gotten the right glue? Not a single person I have talked to knows what Dermabond is and when I tell them I end up with a very sticky adhesive, but it never actually holds. My tuck always slowly unfolds leaving a sticky mess.

    • Hi Emmi!
      Dermabond isn’t something I’ve ever managed to find in-store. The one time I tried it, I actually ordered it off of Amazon. It’s a surgical glue that holds your skin together after surgery, so it’s fairly reliable. However, it’s also usually used with either sutures or staples. For me, it’s just not worth it. I had the same experience you did, where it slowly came apart and then just left a big mess down there.
      Another option I’ve tried was using medical tape to hold it while the Dermabond dried. That worked to some extent, but the bond still came apart about four hours after the fact.
      It’s tricky to figure out what’s going to work for you personally. Don’t give up!

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