Raspberry Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe

Created by in Hobbies on October 18, 2016

Watching cupcake wars with my wife inspired me to create and write my own raspberry red velvet cupcake recipe. I began with a basic cupcake recipe, however you can find that literally anywhere online. You can tweak it with little things to make it pop, but nothing really spoke to me. After attacking Google, I […]

Green Enchilada Sauce – New Mexican

Created by in Hobbies on October 9, 2016

Green enchilada sauce works for so many different recipes! I use it for chicken enchiladas, chip dip, taco sauce, and chicken burrito filler. However, the uses of this versatile ingredient literally only depend on your imagination. My first exposure to this sauce came when my dad took cattle to Hatch, New Mexico. He brought home […]

Indian Fry Bread – Sopapias – A Versatile Treat

Created by in Hobbies on September 30, 2016

Whether you call this Indian Fry Bread for Navajo Tacos, or Sopapias as a dessert, the recipe remains the same. For Navajo Tacos you simply add browned ground beef, beans, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. However, if you forsake that, and just pour honey and/or powdered sugar inside it makes a delicious desert. […]

Pancake House Pancakes – My First Breakfast

Created by in Hobbies on September 18, 2016

Pancake house pancakes originated far away from a pancake house. In Neolithic times, our ancestors combined ground wheat with birds eggs and goats milk. They could pour the resulting batter on a hot rock to cook it, and enjoy a tasty cake. Of course, as more refined methods surfaced, the modern pancake slowly surfaced. My […]

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