Ultimate Fashion Vocabulary – Enérie

Created by in Fashion on November 5, 2016

Among the many searches I make on Pinterest, I literally searched for the ultimate fashion vocabulary. I luckily stumbled across a blog that focuses entirely on fashion! Enérie Fashion & Lifestyle gave me a wealth of information on everything fashion. The Ultimate Fashion Vocabulary [foogallery id=”246″]

Bra Sizing Correctly – How To Measure

Created by in Fashion on October 15, 2016

Bra sizing seems like such a complicated ordeal! Measure your bust, then your band, and subtract your band from your bust… Supposedly that makes me a 40E! Some days I wish, but that wouldn’t even come close to fitting me. However, if I measure each breast individually the results actually come out to 36B (38A). […]

Lovely Lace Lingerie – Know Your Undies

Created by in Fashion on October 3, 2016

My love affair with lace lingerie began the very first moment lace caressing my hips. The idea for writing this particular post came from the fact that today is national lace day! Lingerie comes in several cuts, types, materials, and colors. Today, I decided to write one about lace. Lace Lingerie The word lace originated […]

Spoon Body Type- How to Dress for Your Shape

Created by in Fashion on September 21, 2016

With a spoon body type you tend to gain weight in your tummy more quickly than any other part. Love-handles frequently adorn your hips, and you can sometimes have a shelf appearance. You have great arms and lower legs. To accentuate your best features, you need to draw attention to your upper torso. Try to […]

Pear Body Type – How to Dress for Your Shape

Created by in Fashion on September 15, 2016

A pear body type refers to girls with larger hips and a nicely defined waist, with a more slender torso. If that sounds like you, then show off your waist! To balance out your great butt and well defined waist with your upper body, you need to emphasize it. Tops For Your Pear Body Type […]

Straight Body Type – How to Dress for Your Shape

Created by in Fashion on September 9, 2016

Dressing stylishly when you have a straight body type requires less effort than you think. Close to forty-five percent of women fall into this category. To look stunning, focus on balancing your upper torso and hips, while enhancing waist curves. If you feel really brave, you can also wear a form fitting dress with a […]

Body Shape Basics for Dressing Stylishly

Created by in Fashion on August 30, 2016

If you want to look and feel fantastic, the first step lies in understanding body shape basics. By understanding what you look like, you can pick and choose outfits that flatter your body shape and accentuate your best features. Determine your Body Shape Basics Take a sewing tape and carefully measure the fullest part of […]

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