My Gift Planning For Family And Friends

Created by in Diary on December 20, 2016

A few Christmases ago, someone gave me a great idea for gift planning. So I tried it, I bought something they wanted, something they needed, something for them to wear, and something for them to read. Those four gifts meant more to them because they were tailored to exactly them. And it required almost no […]

Secrets To Becoming A World Traveler

Created by in Diary on November 29, 2016

Before You Become A World Traveler If you want to become a world traveler, you need to finish a few basic things before you book your first trip. Start by getting your passport book. You should note that this process takes anywhere from four to six weeks and costs around $135 for first time applicants. […]

Jasmine’s Handmaiden: My First Published Short Story!

Created by in Diary on November 25, 2016

I take great pleasure and a little giddy delight in announcing the public release of Jasmine’s Handmaiden. This short story represents both my love of writing, and my infatuation with certain romantic endeavors. By no means will I stop trying to improve my craft, but I do hope you enjoy reading my work! If you […]

Happy Thanksgiving! Grateful Family

Created by in Diary on November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! My occupation seems to continually insist on taking me far from home during all family holidays. However, I still feel the close support my wife offers me every day in her letters and little quirks. After the pattern set in my Halloween diary, I feel like sharing a few memories and hopes for […]

Happy Halloween! – Memories Of Halloweens Past

Created by in Diary on October 31, 2016

First and foremost: Happy Halloween! As all the rest of you celebrate your creepy fun, I’ll unfortunately be working. My boss isn’t real big on celebrating a lot of holidays. That said, Halloween definitely remains one of my favorite! I get to dress however I want, and no one bats an eyelash, except maybe to […]

Columbus Discovered America – And Other Fun Myths

Created by in Diary on October 12, 2016

Columbus Discovered America If Columbus discovered America then the European countries would not have had to eliminate any locals. However, the Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French all fought and killed to gain a foothold. So you might wonder who exactly discovered America. I refuse to lie and pretend I know who or when. Several hundred […]

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