Body Shape Basics for Dressing Stylishly

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If you want to look and feel fantastic, the first step lies in understanding body shape basics. By understanding what you look like, you can pick and choose outfits that flatter your body shape and accentuate your best features.

Determine your Body Shape Basics

Take a sewing tape and carefully measure the fullest part of your bust. Make sure you don’t pull it to tight, or skew the tape. Write down that measurement. (Mine’s 42)

Next, bend at the waist to the side, and note exactly where your body bends. Measure the circumference of your waist, again, carefully avoiding making it to tight, or skewed. Write down that measurement. (36, but I’m working on it)

Finally, measure your hips at the fullest part of your butt. Also carefully avoiding accidentally skewing your results. Write this measurement below the other two and you have the three you need to begin. (I’m 42 there too)

To avoid confusion, here’s a chart to help you figure out your shape… I’ve got a straight shape (or banana if you like fruit).

If your bust and hips pretty much match, but your waist is less than nine inches smaller than your bust, you have a straight body type.
Your bust might also measure slightly smaller than your hips. that means you have an triangle shaped body.
The lucky few women who have nicely sized busts and hips with waists that are nine inches or more smaller, have an hourglass body.
If your bust measures larger than your hips, you sport an inverted triangle body shape.
For a few women, their waist might equal or pass their bust and hips. This means a round body shape.

Yes, you do have the ability to change your shape to fit the look you want. I highly encourage you to always strive to feel good, and that includes making exercise a common part of your day. No matter your shape though, you can look and feel great if you always take honest inventory of where you stand.

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