Personal Fitness – Avoid Waiting Until January

Created by in Lifestyle on October 6, 2016

Personal fitness seems to take the back burner Between October and January 1st. For some reason, dressing up and getting candy seems to start a trend that lasts until New Year. I refuse to let that happen to me. For my personal inspiration, I like to write about my passions. So I will start writing […]

Lovely Lace Lingerie – Know Your Undies

Created by in Fashion on October 3, 2016

My love affair with lace lingerie began the very first moment lace caressing my hips. The idea for writing this particular post came from the fact that today is national lace day! Lingerie comes in several cuts, types, materials, and colors. Today, I decided to write one about lace. Lace Lingerie The word lace originated […]

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