Happy Halloween! – Memories Of Halloweens Past

Created by in Diary on October 31, 2016

First and foremost: Happy Halloween! As all the rest of you celebrate your creepy fun, I’ll unfortunately be working. My boss isn’t real big on celebrating a lot of holidays. That said, Halloween definitely remains one of my favorite! I get to dress however I want, and no one bats an eyelash, except maybe to […]

Ending Unhealthy Relationships Before They Ruin Your Life

Created by in Lifestyle on October 30, 2016

It seems like ending unhealthy relationships takes the most effort for girls. Sometimes you just have to end it. If you can’t see yourself married to your current relationship, then ditch them. You will either marry or dump every single person you date. That feels cold to say, but it absolutely holds true. If someone […]

Country Fried Chicken – My Personal Recipe

Created by in Hobbies on October 27, 2016

My wife and I love country fried chicken! For the longest time, we tried making every type we could find. Baked fried chicken, Colonel Sanders imitation, Pinterest suggestions, and so many others. Over time, I began to pick up on little bits that worked. When we mixed all of it together, we came up with […]

Sugaring – Cleopatra’s Waxing Alternative

Created by in Grooming on October 24, 2016

Sugaring, or removing body hair with caramelized sugar goes back centuries! Some say the art goes all the way back to Cleopatra. Whenever it started, sugaring definitely takes a different view on hair removal. Waxing your skin requires you spread sticky hot stuff all over your skin, and rip it off like a Band-Aid. However, […]

Raspberry Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe

Created by in Hobbies on October 18, 2016

Watching cupcake wars with my wife inspired me to create and write my own raspberry red velvet cupcake recipe. I began with a basic cupcake recipe, however you can find that literally anywhere online. You can tweak it with little things to make it pop, but nothing really spoke to me. After attacking Google, I […]

Bra Sizing Correctly – How To Measure

Created by in Fashion on October 15, 2016

Bra sizing seems like such a complicated ordeal! Measure your bust, then your band, and subtract your band from your bust… Supposedly that makes me a 40E! Some days I wish, but that wouldn’t even come close to fitting me. However, if I measure each breast individually the results actually come out to 36B (38A). […]

Columbus Discovered America – And Other Fun Myths

Created by in Diary on October 12, 2016

Columbus Discovered America If Columbus discovered America then the European countries would not have had to eliminate any locals. However, the Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French all fought and killed to gain a foothold. So you might wonder who exactly discovered America. I refuse to lie and pretend I know who or when. Several hundred […]

Green Enchilada Sauce – New Mexican

Created by in Hobbies on October 9, 2016

Green enchilada sauce works for so many different recipes! I use it for chicken enchiladas, chip dip, taco sauce, and chicken burrito filler. However, the uses of this versatile ingredient literally only depend on your imagination. My first exposure to this sauce came when my dad took cattle to Hatch, New Mexico. He brought home […]

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