Indian Fry Bread – Sopapias – A Versatile Treat

Created by in Hobbies on September 30, 2016

Whether you call this Indian Fry Bread for Navajo Tacos, or Sopapias as a dessert, the recipe remains the same. For Navajo Tacos you simply add browned ground beef, beans, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream. However, if you forsake that, and just pour honey and/or powdered sugar inside it makes a delicious desert. […]

Be An Amazing Lover Without Changing Who You Are

Created by in Lifestyle on September 27, 2016

I read an article once about what men considered an amazing lover to be; and it disgusted me. The article seemed to tell women to get attention by dressing and acting like sluts. However, the type of attention that draws hardly qualifies as worthwhile. If you want attention, try a different approach, like learning what […]

Feminine Qualities – Busting Stereotypes

Created by in Lifestyle on September 24, 2016

I love reading, and recently read a tale that irritated me a little about the stereotypes on feminine qualities. “Have you ever noticed… how women with a strong maternal instinct tend to lose other aspects of their personalities upon having a child? Either from within herself or from without, I truly know not which, she […]

Spoon Body Type- How to Dress for Your Shape

Created by in Fashion on September 21, 2016

With a spoon body type you tend to gain weight in your tummy more quickly than any other part. Love-handles frequently adorn your hips, and you can sometimes have a shelf appearance. You have great arms and lower legs. To accentuate your best features, you need to draw attention to your upper torso. Try to […]

Pancake House Pancakes – My First Breakfast

Created by in Hobbies on September 18, 2016

Pancake house pancakes originated far away from a pancake house. In Neolithic times, our ancestors combined ground wheat with birds eggs and goats milk. They could pour the resulting batter on a hot rock to cook it, and enjoy a tasty cake. Of course, as more refined methods surfaced, the modern pancake slowly surfaced. My […]

Pear Body Type – How to Dress for Your Shape

Created by in Fashion on September 15, 2016

A pear body type refers to girls with larger hips and a nicely defined waist, with a more slender torso. If that sounds like you, then show off your waist! To balance out your great butt and well defined waist with your upper body, you need to emphasize it. Tops For Your Pear Body Type […]

Treating Sunburn – An Unexpected Way!

Created by in Grooming on September 12, 2016

I recently learned a strange method of treating sunburn. During one of my recent contracts, my employer took me to Mahé Seychelles, just off the coast of Africa. His reason for visiting included volunteering to help renovate a rehabilitation center. However, philanthropy aside, when I wasn’t protecting him I spent some wonderful hours on the […]

Straight Body Type – How to Dress for Your Shape

Created by in Fashion on September 9, 2016

Dressing stylishly when you have a straight body type requires less effort than you think. Close to forty-five percent of women fall into this category. To look stunning, focus on balancing your upper torso and hips, while enhancing waist curves. If you feel really brave, you can also wear a form fitting dress with a […]

Ballerina Bun, A Bun From A Sock

Created by in Grooming on September 6, 2016

A ballerina bun, also known as a sock bun, looks extremely professional without a lot of fuss. Librarians, Marines, and business executives all use the ballerina bun because of how easily they can make it. I read several tutorials and articles about it, however, they seem to want you to take a lot of steps. […]

Attract Good Men Doing What You Love

Created by in Lifestyle on September 3, 2016

Many women seem confused about how to attract good men. However, like the law of attraction; if you look for trash, you find exactly that: trash. Dress to Attract Good Men Many girls often blow up at their moms, friends, teachers, and even strangers that they can dress how they like. You have the human […]

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